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Meet the Makers

Ever wonder who actually makes the cabinets you buy?

Siteline Cabinetry is proudly made in America.  We provide American families with jobs, and support our community.

We are proud of our staff and their unique mix of talent, technique and modesty.  Siteline cabinetmakers have that special blend of old world attention to detail, combined with modern technical expertise. It’s the best of both worlds.

 Meet Lindsay.

Lindsay is the Siteline team lead in our Customer Service Department.  Lindsay has been with The Corsi Group (makers of Siteline Cabinetry) for two and a half years.  Lindsay’s everyday enthusiasm is exactly what every Customer Service Department wants and needs.

“I process cabinet orders, parts orders and help train employees in our Siteline Customer Service Department,” notes Lindsay.  “I strive for excellent customer service and will do whatever I can to help make your experience with Siteline wonderful!”

Lindsay adds, “I learn something new and cool every day, but if f I have to pick one thing I would say it has to be learning how to be creative and help dealers create the looks they are wanting while working within the confines of the line.”

So, what is it that Lindsay enjoys most about her career with The Corsi Group?

“I enjoy interacting with all of our dealers and sharing my knowledge that I have gained in my short time with The Corsi Group.

“No two days are alike when you work in Customer Service and process orders. It really is enjoyable to not know what the day will have in store until you come in each morning.”

So, why does Lindsay feel homeowners should buy Siteline cabinets?

“Siteline Cabinetry is an amazing product. We have a vast array of different materials and finishes to fit into any budget. The one thing that truly sets us apart from our competition is the amazing customer service that we provide.”

Lindsay’s a country girl at heart.

“My favorite door style is the Bennett in Luna paint with Brown Glaze. I’m a country girl at heart and can’t seem to break away from raised panel doors in a creamy finish.”

Lindsay, her husband and beautiful daughter live near our Indianapolis, Indiana facility, and share their home with two ridiculously awesome dogs: Frank a Redbone Coonhound, and Bailey, a Beagle/Yorkie mix.  “We refer to our dogs as our ‘fur-kids’ and can’t imagine our lives without them,” says Lindsay.

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