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Wood Stains + Glazes

Timeless. Natural. Enduring.


Perfect for a wide range of themes, medium density Alder has a fine, flowing grain pattern and naturally warm coloration. Alder can create both charm and drama in your home, and is ideal for drier climates. Infrequent, tight knots and pin holes are a part of the natural look of Alder. Available with 23 stains and glazes, and a clear finish option.


A luxurious choice for your home, moderately hard Cherry wood features warm color variation, which mellows with age adding character and grace. Cherry will vary from a light vanilla color to deep pink in its raw state, and become more red or copper in color when exposed to light. Pin holes, mineral streaks and sapwood are a part of the natural look of Cherry. Available with 23 stains and glazes, and a clear finish


For a d├ęcor with minimal texture, Maple offers the beauty of a strong hardwood, featuring a more uniform appearance and tighter grain pattern. Mineral streaks are part of the natural look of Maple, varying in size and quantity, and appearing darker when stained. Maple styles will gradually amber or yellow over time. Available with seven stains and glazes, and a clear finish.

Red Oak.

An enduring hardwood, Red Oak features sweeping flame-like grain patterns and distinctive texture. Red Oak is ideal for traditional and transitional rooms. Some darker mineral streaks are common in furniture quality Red Oak. Available with 23 stains and glazes, and a clear finish.

Not all styles available in all finishes and colors; see your authorized Siteline dealer for details.


Alder, Acorn

Alder, Acorn, Black Glaze

Alder, Autumn

Alder, Autumn, Black Glaze

Alder, Autumn, Brown Glaze

Alder, Chestnut

Alder, Cobblestone

Alder, Cobblestone, Black Glaze

Alder, Cobblestone, Brown Glaze

Alder, Harvest

Alder, Harvest, Black Glaze

Alder, Harvest, Brown Glaze

Alder, Malbec

Alder, Malbec, Black Glaze

Alder, Malbec, Brown Glaze

Alder, Natural

Alder, Natural, Black Glaze

Alder, Natural, Brown Glaze

Alder, Pebble

Alder, Pebble, Black Glaze

Alder, Penny

Alder, Penny, Black Glaze

Alder, Penny, Brown Glaze

Alder, Sandpiper

Alder, Sandpiper, Black Glaze

Alder, Sandpiper, Brown Glaze

Alder, Thicket

Cherry, Acorn

Cherry, Acorn, Black Glaze

Cherry, Autumn

Cherry, Autumn, Black Glaze

Cherry, Autumn, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Chestnut

Cherry, Cobblestone

Cherry, Cobblestone, Black Glaze

Cherry, Cobblestone, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Harvest

Cherry, Harvest, Black Glaze

Cherry, Harvest, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Malbec

Cherry, Malbec, Black Glaze

Cherry, Malbec, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Natural

Cherry, Natural, Black Glaze

Cherry, Natural, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Pebble

Cherry, Pebble, Black Glaze

Cherry, Penny

Cherry, Penny, Black Glaze

Cherry, Penny, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Sandpiper

Cherry, Sandpiper, Black Glaze

Cherry, Sandpiper, Brown Glaze

Cherry, Thicket

Maple, Eclipse

Maple, Natural

Maple, Toffee

Maple, Toffee, Black Glaze

Maple, Toffee, Brown Glaze

Maple, Wheat

Maple, Wheat, Black Glaze

Maple, Wheat, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Acorn

Red Oak, Acorn, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Autumn

Red Oak, Autumn, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Autumn, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Chestnut

Red Oak, Cobblestone

Red Oak, Cobblestone, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Cobblestone, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Harvest

Red Oak, Harvest, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Harvest, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Malbec

Red Oak, Malbec, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Malbec, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Natural

Red Oak, Natural, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Natural, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Pebble

Red Oak, Pebble, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Penny

Red Oak, Penny, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Penny, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Sandpiper

Red Oak, Sandpiper, Black Glaze

Red Oak, Sandpiper, Brown Glaze

Red Oak, Thicket

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