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8-steps to the Kitchen of Your Dreams

We think the recession taught us something. Or maybe people would rather scratch their fingernails on a chalkboard than move. Either way, an emerging housing trend is that more and more folks are opting to remodel their existing home than move to a new one. In other words, they’d rather “love it” than “list it”.

Today’s consumers are savvy and know that a full kitchen or bath remodel is a big project with lasting implications, and perhaps one that warrants outside expertise. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association [NKBA], while decorating shows on TV are fun and inspirational, the real life process of creating a new kitchen takes longer and involves many more “behinds the scenes” steps than first meets the eye. You’ll have a seemingly endless list of product decisions to make. Here’s what the NKBA recommends for planning your next kitchen remodel.

  1. Assess Your Needs.

    What are your main objectives? Your priorities will drive all further decisions on budget, style, products and more. So give this step some time and talk it through with your family.

  2. Establish a Budget Range

    Determine how much you can realistically invest in your new kitchen and how you plan to pay for it. Shop around to get an idea of product prices and remember that installation can be about 17% of the budget.

  3. Find a Professional.

    Interview several members to find someone who feels simpatico and who understands the scope of your project.

  4. Finalize Room Layout and Design

    Your local professional may have several ideas on how you can best use your space, each with different budget implications. Make notes on how you use your space, where the current roadblocks are, and what you wish worked better.

  5. Decide on a Look.

    Define your style by collecting pictures online and off, by visiting local showrooms and attending home shows, and making notes of individual elements you like.

  6. Choose Products.

    You’ll have a seemingly endless list of product decisions to make. Your experienced professional can help you sort out what’s truly the best for your needs.

  7. Plan for the Installation.

    Consider who will be responsible for finding and supervising the electricians, plumbers, tile contractors, carpenters, cabinet installers and all the other trades involved with a new kitchen. Plan for a make-shift kitchen while yours is under construction.

  8. Kick Back and Enjoy, for Years to Come!

    Test-drive everything in your new kitchen. Keep all receipts, contracts, warranties and product information. Understand the proper care and maintenance of all new products, then relax and enjoy your dream come true.

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