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Designing a new kitchen is a huge undertaking! You might already know what’s not working about your current space, but how can you make sure your new space works for you? Lack of storage is a main reason that homeowners choose to tackle a kitchen remodel. Read on for our storage tips.

Take inventory

Go through each item in your current kitchen, as well as the items you’d like to put in your new kitchen. Be selective about those small appliances and take note of important family heirlooms such as fine china. As always, make sure your everyday essential items are your top priority.

Assess your needs

Is your kitchen considered a multi-functional space? Are you using it as a flex space for the kids’ homework or as an office? Do you love to cook? Do you compost or recycle? Are you frequently entertaining guests or hosting for the holidays? Are you a baker or a coffee drinker?

These types of questions will help you decide how you want your new space to function to help you decide your storage options.

Here are some of the most popular Siteline storage options to consider.

Knife drawer inserts are growing in preference by homeowners – safe and secure knife storage is essential in every home.

This isn’t your typical “lazy Susan”, no sir-eee. This unit operates smooth as silk, with the doors standing away to allow full access.  A very popular seller for Siteline Cabinetry corner storage.

The Siteline base pull out with bottle or tin storage is a winner!  It optimizes the use of smaller, narrow spaces while providing added functionality.

Oh yes, the queen of all storage units, a tall cabinet with built-in rollout shelving – the perfect way to store items of different size/scale and heights!

Talk to an expert

Our dealer partners will be your best resource when it comes to designing a kitchen that works for your lifestyle and storage needs. Walk them through your daily routine and show them what works and what doesn’t work in your current space. Get in touch by contacting us here for dealers in your area.

To learn more, visit our STORAGE page.

When you’re ready to start your new project, CONTACT US to find an authorized dealer in your area!

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