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A remodeling project is a lot like an art piece. When one has inspiration, they draw from it and create a true masterpiece. Inspiration comes in many forms like nature, animals, food, or anything the intrigues. In this month’s Siteline blog, we look at a few inspirational pairings.

Aquatic Bliss

An aquarium can take on different appearances, with multiple colors of rock, plants, and other aquatic accessories. Siteline Cabinetry allows a new remodeling project to capture the same relaxing aquatic-atmosphere.


Shown: Siteline Cabinetry, Elliott door style, Flat Cut Red Oak, Pebble stain, Slab Drawer Front; Pair with Seaweed paint or Riverway paint


Coral Crescendo

Every year, millions travel to see the Great Barrier Reef. However, you don’t need to travel thousands of miles to introduce the color palette of the Reef to your new remodeling project.


Shown: Siteline Cabinetry, Keegan door style, Paint Grade, Dusk paint, 5-Piece Drawer Front; Pair with Raceway or Sky paint

Winged Wanderers

The Spotted Sandpiper can be found along shorelines across the United States. While they prefer to migrate south in the winter, the Sandpiper can inspire your new remodeling project for yearlong enjoyment.


Shown: Siteline Cabinetry, Madera door style, Cherry, Sandpiper stain, 5-Piece Drawer Front; Pair with Anew or Opal paint

Sushi Style

Food can be art, and sushi is the perfect example. Every roll has distinct texture and color made from the ingredients. Like a sushi roll, a colorful creation can be crafted from our Siteline Cabinetry catalog.


Shown: Siteline Cabinetry, Paxton door style, Premium Thermofoil, Ink Smartmatte, Slab Drawer Front; Pair with Fly Yellow or Porcelain acrylic


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