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Siteline Cabinetry

Texture creates an elemental yet bespoke feel, and its inviting to the touch. Creating visual interest through contrasting or complementary patterns, texture is today’s solution for the smooth landscape of paint.

According to Fresh Home, “Honestly, we think that the ‘sense of touch’ part of the definition should be revised to say ‘perceived’ sense of touch. Anyone who’s ever watched an interior design TV program or flipped through the pages of a magazine can tell you that you don’t need to have physical contact with a room to feel the power of texture.”

See our inspiration featuring Siteline selections, below.


  Siteline Cabinetry  

Shown here: (left to right) Thermofoil, Premium Chicago Concrete; Thermally Fused Laminate, Textured-Ravine; Recycled Leather Insert, Grey Thunder


Siteline Cabinetry   Siteline Cabinetry  

Shown here: (left to right) Bennett style, Red Oak, Cobblestone, Black Glaze, 5-piece Drawer Front; Emerson style, Thermally Fused Laminate, Textured-Merapi, Slab Drawer Front; Priestly, Thermofoil, Textured-Gorge, Slab Drawer Front


Siteline Cabinetry

Shown here: Cantor style, Quartered Walnut Reconstituted Veneer, Natural

Designed by FMA Design.

Photography courtesy of Michael A. Kaskel.

Siteline Cabinetry

Shown here: Walton style, Alder, Pebble, Black Glaze

Designed by Forte Design Studios.

Photography courtesy of Chris Reilmann.

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