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BLOG 7 ARTWORKOK, so TFL is unfamiliar to you.  But is it, really?  THERMALLY FUSED LAMINATE or TFL is the term used for today’s vastly improved melamine.  Think of TFL as today’s latest and greatest laptop vs yesterday’s melamine, which is like yee ole typewriter.  Both get the job done – but one is much more technically advanced.

At our Siteline factory, we use the most up-to-date technology and equipment to produce all our products, including our TFL cabinets, doors and drawer fronts.  TFL is a skin, of sorts.  Technically, it’s called a thermally-fused decorative overlay. The TFL skin is married to the core material with super strong glue.  The modern manufacturing of TFL surfaces results in a very smooth look and feel, as well as clean mating of the applied, complementary edge treatments, and an overall aesthetic of quality.

TFL is the standard interior (you pick it – white or wood grain), as well as over 10 CHOICES for your doors and drawer fronts.  For your doors and drawer fronts, you can select from matte choices like Snowfall, or for increased realism (with some texture), a tick textured option like Carbon, or for the most realistic wood look, a textured option like Vista.

So, why would you want TFL for your new Siteline cabinets?  Here’s the 4-1-1:

Affordability.  Today’s TFLs are value-priced for first-time remodelers.

Durability.  TFL is highly resistant to water, impact, light + scratching.  We have one Limited Lifetime Warranty for all our cabinets, including those with TFL doors and drawer fronts.

Beauty.  Today’s TFLs provide buyers a great range of choice – Siteline has 20 unique matte, tick textured and textured options for solid colors or wood grain patterns.

So go on… discover why TFL should be your new BFF.

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