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Deep, dramatic shades of almost-black and a hint of color make a room feel sophisticated, yet cozy.  Darker tones create a feeling of permanence and romance in your home.

According to Nicole Gibbons of Clare via Elle Décor, “When it comes to colors that have been unexpectedly popular, we’re definitely seeing a trend toward rich, moody hues…We’re seeing more of an interest in deeper, moodier colors.”

See our inspiration featuring Siteline selections, below.


      Siteline Cabinetry

Shown here: (left to right) Maple/MDF, Cadet; Maple/MDF, Forge; Maple/MDF, Mineral; Maple/MDF, Tavern



Shown here: (left to right) Keegan, Maple/MDF, Tavern; Willoughby, Maple/MDF, Nimbus


Siteline Cabinetry

Shown here: Swanson style, Maple MDF, Cadet

Designed by Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn.

Photography courtesy of LOMA Studios.

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