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There’s beauty in every season, right?  Whether it’s the more muted vibe of late fall/early winter, or the brilliance of the fall that just passed us by, we are inspired by all seasonal color palettes and how they can create organic, unique inspo for our cabinets. Let’s take a peek at some paint palette choices inspired by Mother Earth.


Anew combines the grey of early winter clouds, and the brown of soil.  Anew creates the cozy feeling of hot chocolate in front of a fireplace.

Evergreen combines perennial green with the pale skies of late fall.

Willow combines an earthly brown, a leafy green, and the grey of lake water. Think lush lake cove.


Sky is a combination of both blue sky and white clouds, creating a Zen-like feeling.  Sky is complemented by many other nature-inspired values offered by Siteline Cabinetry.

Inspired by that big ball in the sky, Bumblebee is sure to add a punch of energy to any room.

Siteline Cabinetry

Influenced by the moody, muted colors at sunset, Dusk can help add a peaceful, restful ambiance to all rooms.


Riverway combines the comforting blue of water and the serene green of pines lining a riverbed.

Aquasphere influences are from clearer, warm tropical water and the short-lived storm clouds above.  Think about recreating that vacation feeling in your home.

Seaweed combines the vibrant green of seaweed with the murky floor of the ocean, creating a muted, yet pleasant grey-green theme.

Utilizing any of these colors can help create a nature-inspired theme in the kitchen, bath or mudroom, ensuring that no matter the time of year, we can always be in the presence of relaxing nature. #motherearth

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