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Storage is a challenge in most homes, regardless of size. At Siteline, we offer an expansive array of interior accessories to optimize your new space, including a bathroom. From storing makeup, to hairdryers, to toiletries, we provide you with choices to make your space a perfect fit.

Maximizing your vanity space

Make sure you’re working with one of our authorized designers to make the best use of your space. Your vanity cabinets don’t necessarily need the biggest footprint to ensure functionality. Do you want a double vanity with two sinks, a single vanity with one sink, or an oversized vanity for one sink? Is this a primary bath, a guest powder room or a kid’s bath? Will you want to make room for a shower, a bathtub, neither, or both? Once you decide on the bathroom’s purpose and usage, your designer can come up with the best design plan for you.

Siteline Cabinetry

Linen cabinets

Tall cabinets are the best way to store from floor to ceiling, as opposed to a linen closet. Once you remove walls and partitions, you gain a few more inches for storage. Whether that be extra toiletries or bath linens, everything is within arm’s reach. Adding baskets inside these cabinets will also help minimize cluttered cabinets and you’ll be able to easily find like items together. Consult your designer on playing with cabinet depth and width to customize your space.

More behind each door

Utilize behind the door storage for your vanity cabinet to its fullest potential. By adding a door pull out hamper (available in aerated plastic or cloth), keep dirty clothes off the floor. Worry less about the mess! Other ideas to consider are rollout drawers and a door mounted storage rack and small appliance rack.

Siteline Cabinetry

Unconventional but make it functional

Yes, the pictures below might look like they belong in the kitchen, but what about repurposing these types of organizers for makeup or other small toiletries?

Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry

Notch drawers

Drawers have become a popular design style choice for cabinet design. Notched drawers still show off the drawer design on the outside but accommodate for plumbing pipes inside the cabinet. This modification still allows you to maximize your drawer storage space.

Storage should be one of the primary influences when designing a space, especially one with a limited floorplan like a bathroom. Don’t overlook this space- your dream bathroom can have both style AND substance!

Inspired to include these organizational ideas into your new bathroom project? Contact one of our authorized dealers to get started, by clicking here.

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