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If you haven’t heard… We were excited to reveal our Siteline launch this April! Check out our new collection of Structured Thermally Fused Laminates (TFLs) and door styles. Perfect for anyone wanting to add a touch of organic to their home!

So what’s Structured TFL?

Structured TFL is a decorative panel pressed at high pressure with layers of craft paper between the board and the decorative surface.

This provides:

  • Increased texture depth without affecting the structure/stability of the panel
  • Improved scratch, impact and abrasion resistance
  • Manufactured to prevent delamination or peeling of the panel from the board

Let’s introduce the line-up!

What door styles are available with this TFL?

Siteline introduced TWO new door styles that can be used with Structured TFL. Meet Ralston and Reeves.


Ralston, pictured in Vineyard, comes in a vertical grain pattern for the door and drawer. Reeves, pictured in Iron, comes in a horizontal grain pattern for the door and drawer. The doors are not grain flow matched but both come in a matching back for this material.

Shown here, the Ralston style in Structured TFL Vineyard.

This Structured TFL collection is great for those wanting to add an organic contemporary flair to their space. Make your space bespoke but inviting to the touch.

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