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Ask any designer, and he/she will tell you the smaller the space, the bigger the design challenge.  But, sometimes there’s a hidden treasure within a small space – our Siteline designers have added some dedicated functionality to these seemingly unproductive spaces.

EXAMPLE #1, the entry way boot bench

This area could easily have been left open, without cabinets, but now it has a very specific and functional purpose.

Siteline Cabinetry shown:  bottom of bench is Walton style, MDF material, Moody Blue paint; wall cabinets, side panels and back board are Walton style, MDF material, Arctic paint.  The large bottom drawers provide excellent shoe/boot storage, and the wall cabinets above are the perfect place to store off-season outerwear.

Design by: Kane Home and Cabinetry Design, St. Charles, IL

Photo by: Rick Morales

EXAMPLE #2, the wet bar niche

Many homeowners have that awkward, open niche area that the builder thought was a good idea, but failed to leave notes on what exactly to do with that space.  Well, this clever designer created a wet bar, complete with glass shelving, fabulous gold/white wallpaper, lighting, and Siteline cabinets, of course.

Siteline Cabinetry shown:  Amici style, high gloss Acrylic material, Porcelain color.

Design by: Progressive Cabinetry, Bradenton, FL

Photo by: Todd Sellitto

EXAMPLE #3, the short-wall coffee bar

What to do with a short, stubby wall?  A stylish coffee bar is the ideal solution for this small, kitchen-adjacent space.  The Siteline cabinet provides behind-the-door storage as well as drawer storage for the barista’s supplies, and the two floating shelves afford even more functional storage and/or display area, and help define the space.

Siteline Cabinetry shown:  Walton style, Alder wood, Cobblestone stain.

Design by: Kane Home and Cabinetry Design, St. Charles, IL

Photo by: Ryan Ocasio

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Siteline Cabinetry shown in featured dry bar photo:  Walton style, Maple wood, Eclipse stain.

Design by: Jill Warren Design, Oak Park, IL

Photo by: Michael Alan Kaskel

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