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A lot is being written these days about a more “natural” or “organic” theme for a new kitchen, bath or other living space.  While this may be true, we are here to say that paint is still our homeowners’ number one choice for new cabinets.  In fact, over 70% of all Siteline Cabinetry orders are specified with one of our 25 terrific paint colors!

Which Siteline paint colors are the most popular this year?

We’re delighted you asked!  Rounding out the top five most popular Siteline paint colors are Aspen white, Iceberg white, Arctic white, Platinum grey and Nimbus blue.

Which Siteline paint colors are the newest?

Check-out these colors: Bumblebee, Tiger, Rhino and Mink.

We see a lot of our homeowners opting for a neutral paint color for the perimeter of the kitchen, but then accenting the room with a bold punch of color, such as Bumblebee or Tiger for an island, coffee bar, or adjacent work area.  Fun, right?

Bold colors are meant to stand out and be seen. Vibrancy is not meant to be muted. More popular with retro design, bold colors are becoming a focal in minimalist design. Bolds represent optimism and excitement, which is important in a corporate or tech-emphasized world.

Are you ready for your new Siteline painted kitchen?

Let us know!  Click here for the location of an authorized Siteline Cabinetry dealer near you.

Click here to view the 25 amazing Siteline paint colors also available.

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