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In this month’s blog, we celebrate the massively popular, two-toned kitchen trend.

What is a two-toned kitchen?  Glad you asked!  Many homeowners are spicing up their kitchen designs with two or sometimes even three different materials and finishes.  How?  There are a number of ways to mix materials and finishes within the same design – one way is to have the kitchen’s perimeter cabinets specified in one material and finish, and then contrast the perimeter with an island in a different material and finish.  Or, another way to accomplish an attractive two-toned kitchen design is to have the upper wall cabinets all the same material and finish, and do a contrasting material and finish for all the lower base cabinets.

We hope you are inspired by our perfect pairings for an on-trend, two-toned kitchen plan.  Who knows, maybe one of our pairings will inspire your next kitchen remodeling project!  #seemoregetmore

PERFECT PAIRING #1: Alder wood featuring the Sandpiper stain, paired with paintable MDF featuring Aquasphere paint.  This dreamy combo is a fan-favorite among authorized Siteline designers, as it creates a calm, contemporary vibe.  #calmcontemporary

PERFECT PAIRING #2: paintable MDF featuring Seaweed paint, paired with Structured Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) in Whiskey texture/color.  This pairing creates loads of visual interest by pairing the soothing Seaweed paint color with the intrigue of the Structured TFL Whiskey “barnwood” feel. #modernbarn

PERFECT PAIRING #3: Reconstituted Veneer in Monterey texture/color, paired with paintable MDF featuring Dusk paint. A super fresh look for the kitchen, this pairing introduces subtle texture in the pale Monterey Veneer, contrasted with the rich blue tone of Dusk paint.  #contrastmykitchen

Check back for more Siteline perfect pairings in future blogs!

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