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Meet one of Siteline’s newest material additions, SmartMatte thermofoils.

What is it, you ask? SmartMatte not only combines fashion and function, but it is the next generation of materials used for your home.

This material is its own version of a larger than life super hero, protecting and defending your kitchen. Its superpowers? Minimized smudging and finger prints, and soft to the touch. It is resistant to dry heat, micro-scratches. What can’t this material do? Velvety sleek and smooth, a luxurious choice for any home.

Pro tip: if you have or want SmartMatte in your kitchen, ask your designer about our heat shields. These are especially important for appliances radiating heat.

Available in four matte choices, there’s a perfect hue just for you – color your world with cool white Ghost, light and dark greys – Fossil and Shadow, or go back to black with Ink.


Pictured above: (left to right) Fossil, Ghost, Ink, Shadow

Siteline Cabinetry

Shown here: Axel style*, Premium Thermofoil, Shadow SmartMatte

*Select SmartMatte finishes available on the Axel style. All finishes available on the Paxton style.

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