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Siteline offers a multitude of door styles, but our Walton door is a Shaker classic. This door has soared in popularity. Although it may seem understated, there are many ways to pair it with our materials and finishes that truly make this style POP!

Siteline Cabinetry


Siteline Cabinetry

Shown above, Walton style, Maple/MDF, Arctic paint

Designed by Wike LaFrey.

Photography courtesy of Austin Hyler.

The Walton style is perfect for all who crave a minimalist Scandinavian design! Shown here in Arctic white paint, it creates a clean yet sophisticated look when paired with geometric floors, chrome furnishings and a warm walnut top. The prepped for glass doors add a nice element to those wishing to display their glass and dish ware.


Siteline Cabinetry

Shown above: perimeter, Walton style, Maple/MDF, Aspen paint; island, Walton style, Maple/MDF, Titanium paint

Designed by Witt Construction.

Photography courtesy of Randall Perry.

Walton is a quintessential style with those wanting something more transitional in design. Aspen, a white-grey paint paired with dark Titanium grey paint is a stunning two-tone look which carries beautifully on the Walton style. By adding detailed crown for wall cabinets and clean-lined posts to the island, the Walton style is beautifully showcased with a transitional concept.


Siteline Cabinetry

Shown above: vanity, Walton style, Maple, Toffee; linen cabinet, Walton style, Maple, Eclipse

Designed by Proud House Studio.

Photography courtesy of JC Buck.

The Walton style is not only perfect for a kitchen but a bathroom as well! This eye-catching two-tone Maple look works beautifully against the white tile and countertops, making the wood tone pop even more. Stained maple is beautifully matched with the Walton style, giving it a natural and bespoke look.


Siteline Cabinetry

Shown above: Walton style, Maple/MDF, Opal paint

Designed by Jill Warren Design.

Photography courtesy of Michael A. Kaskel.

Walton and Mid century Modern go hand-in-hand with these dining room built-ins. When paired with clean-line wood furniture and brass, anyone can create their own Mad Men inspired space. A white paint such as Opal pairs beautifully with the Walton style, giving it subtle lines and shadowing.

Shaker is a classic style choice, no doubt, but as we’ve demonstrated here, you can personalize the Shaker-look in a variety of ways.

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