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Our best advice? Hand applied glaze!

Glazing is an artistic, hand-applied translucent color that forms a layer atop a paint or stain. Glazing lends additional, subtle depth and detail to the finish. Glaze not only changes the overall color but will also hang-up or build in the cabinet details to add drama and visual depth.

The amount of glaze that hangs up will vary greatly, depending on the selection of door style, even.

Our glaze is applied to all exterior finished parts of the cabinet, and loose items such as moldings, wainscot panels, legs, etc. Also, any finished cabinet interiors will be glazed. Backs of doors and drawer fronts are not glazed.

Siteline offers black, brown and grey glaze, which are available on a variety of stains and paints. Glazing is available on most door styles and finishes.

Siteline Cabinetry   Siteline Cabinetry   Siteline Cabinetry

Shown above: painted Aquasphere without glaze, with black glaze and with brown glaze

Regardless of your style, Siteline has a glaze to suit your design and taste. Speak to your authorized Siteline dealer to see samples of our Glazed finishes. Or, visit the FINISHES + COLORS area of this website, to view various door samples that are shown with black, brown or grey glazing.

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