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As the winter holidays approach, it seems like everyone starts to take a closer look at their homes. Maybe it’s deep cleaning or de-cluttering. Or perhaps it’s how to remodel or create the space you have always wanted. Your everyday spaces should be functional, but they should also reflect your personality and lifestyle. So how do you get your home ready for the winter holidays?

Read our tips below to get your home ready for holiday (or year-round) entertaining.

1. Easy-Clean

This one might seem obvious, but cleaning can be overlooked when it comes to your cabinets. How exactly do you clean cabinets? Cabinets are an investment in your home and should be treated like fine furniture. Say goodbye to smudgy fingerprints and cooking messes and have your cabinets look their best for the holidays. We recommend Plush cleaner and Scratch and Mar Resister Polish. Please make sure to read all product labels to make sure they aren’t harming your furry family members! Plush is not recommended for high gloss finishes, or alternate non-wood materials.

To read more about care and cleaning instructions, click here.


2. A Space that Works as Hard as You Do

Any kitchen should at least be functional and practical, but these spaces should be stylish too! When you’re thinking about how to design your kitchen from an entertaining perspective, you want to think about storage, traffic flow and work zones so it’s easier to prep and cook, but you’ll want to socialize with your guests simultaneously. Internal storage in cabinets will help de-clutter counter space that you’ll need for extra meal prep, and a large island or peninsula will add extra storage and seating while welcoming guests into the space.

Siteline Cabinetry

3. Designated Drop Zone

Winter (depending on where you live) can mean the addition of snow, ice and rain. A mudroom or foyer is the ideal place to leave those muddy boots, wet coats and while keeping the mess in one place. Adding a bench, cubby cabinets and coat hooks can enhance the storage of this space and guests can easily make their way to the main entertaining spaces of your home.

Siteline Cabinetry

4. Multi-use Multi-Functional

Buffets or butler pantries store can store your specialty china and silverware, as well as small appliances that aren’t for everyday use. If you’re a frequent entertainer, this is another zone where you can prep a meal without crossing into the kitchen.

Siteline Cabinetry

5. Family Room Fun

Add instant holiday atmosphere and turn any space into cozy with a fireplace and built ins. These spaces can show seasonal decor and provide extra space for guests. Maybe you want to sit around and watch a movie, play board games, or have more spaces for guests to relax or eat. The family room can also be a used as a kid friendly zone!

Siteline Cabinetry

6. Clink and Drink

Any space turns into a celebratory space, casual place for guests to hang out away from the kitchen or dining room. Drink stations provide even more storage and welcome your guests to help themselves. Stock up with your favorite beverages for all to enjoy!

7. Retreat Suite

Have your own privacy that you can have a moment but not feel cut off. While designing your everyday spaces are important, you’ll want a space you can recharge and relax for a moment or two.

Siteline Cabinetry

No matter how you celebrate the holidays this year, we wish you and yours a safe and joyous season.

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