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Who doesn’t love a little metal vibe?  We sure do!

Metal doors are an awesome accent to your new kitchen.  They add that “pop” of commercial inspiration, and create a bit of rock and roll in your new space.

ReskiWe love this sleek, slimline RESKI door style in Natural Aluminum finish, with an eye-popping Orange acrylic center panel.  Did you know you can choose from 17 other exciting acrylic inserts?  Check out Turquoise, Kiwi and Signal Red!  Link here.







VoltaOr, how about the nice visual weight of this VOLTA metal door, featuring a Brushed Stainless Steel finish and a Listral glass insert!  Consider using a pair of these doors as a focal point in the center of a run of your wall cabinets.  Unexpected, and adds texture!  A nice complement to your stainless appliances too.

Click here to view all metal door inserts.


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