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If you’re just starting your kitchen remodel, or if you’ve been in the biz awhile, you know the buzzword ISLAND. We aren’t talking about a tropical place, but we are talking more cabinets! The island cabinets float in the middle of the perimeter cabinets, as standalone pieces. This allows for more storage, and this can accommodate prep space or a dining space. These cabinets can be modified to allow for all kinds of shapes to turn the kitchen into an open concept design. The functions are endless!

According to the U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study, 38% of those that were surveyed said island upgrade for a kitchen is a must have feature. The popularity of the open concept design continues to influence today’s homeowners and their kitchens.

Pro tip: If your layout can’t fit a run of cabinets for an island, ask your designer about designing a peninsula instead! Instead of breaking out cabinets to accommodate the center of the perimeter, you can add a longer row of cabinets on an end to allow for more storage and countertop space.

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