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How popular are painted cabinets this year?  Quite popular.  A 12-month analysis of our customers’ preferences reveals that more than 50% of Siteline buyers order painted cabinets.  And no wonder!  Siteline offers one of the most broad, standard paint palettes anywhere.

We chatted recently with two of our Siteline authorized designers to gain some insights on the top white, grey and blue values.

Let’s talk about white…

[Arctic, Luna, Opal]

“White is truly a classic and an ideal choice for many clients as it allows a sense of peace and purity in the craziness of everyday life,” comments JD Dick of Cabinetry Ideas in Indianapolis, Indiana.

“White is the anchor to classic design that allows the Siteline Kitchen to deliver a look that’s not just current for today, but will be aligned with the classic design looking forward for a kitchen that’s always on-trend,” adds JD.

Denyne Sanville of Denyne Designs in Dunstable, Massachusetts, notes, “It has always been a staple in design but the shades of white that we use in our designs have changed.

“Pure crisp white is back and we are seeing it used everywhere in home interiors from cabinetry, countertops and backsplashes to the current hot trend that is everywhere – shiplap.

“A key to creating a successful all-white color scheme is to keep things interesting by varying texture and adding other elements that play off white’s crisp nature. In today’s designs we are seeing white paired with rustic woods, dark iron metals and clear glass fixtures.”

OK JD and Denyne, let’s talk about grey…

[Platinum, Cadet, Dovetail]

“Grey is the new beige and it is everywhere,” remarks Denyne.  “The beauty of grey is that is can take on a warm or cool tone and thus it can work with both warm and cool color schemes.

“A trend that is hot right now is to pair white upper cabinets with grey base cabinets. This was shown enforce at KBIS earlier this year, and this two-tone look is more sophisticated.”

JD adds, “Gray is fast becoming a beautiful alternative to white for many of the clients, as it offers the neutral element that we love about white, yet gives us a touch more character and warmth.

“Gray, the perfect base to the project pallet allowing so much design freedom. It can create strength and tension, warmth, or peaceful charm. With gray being the essence of all color, the design freedom is unleashed!”

What about blue?  We’re selling a lot of blue painted cabinets these days…

[Doppler, Doppler with Black Glaze]

“Navy is the hot accent color this year – especially when it is paired with gold metal finishes,” says Denyne.

“Navy adds drama and depth, and is a bold accent color to use in a room. In a kitchen, a navy island can be a feature that draws your eye and really grounds the room. It is a powerful color so caution is needed when using it in design. Like black, a little navy goes a long way.”

JD notes, “Blue is a great accent color as it adds a punch of life but isn’t as overwhelming as red or black sometimes can be.

“Blue, it’s not just for bathrooms anymore! Creating a visual escape to the blue of the last day at the beach, the blue of a spring sky, or the blue of that favorite spring dress – let the client escape with the playful charm of blue.”

[Aquasphere, Moody Blue, Riverway]

No matter what your paint preferences, Siteline is sure to have something for you.  Click here to see all Siteline paint choices.

Thanks JD and Denyne for your insights!

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