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Those of us who were around in the Kitchen and Bath Industry in the 80s, saw tons and tons of Red Oak rolling down the assembly lines… it seemed that almost every other kitchen was a “honey colored” Red Oak order.

Then, the whole honey-tone craze went out of fashion, and the “pickled” craze rolled in, popular on both Hard Maple and Red Oak.  Which, of course, when a white wash or pickled finish is applied to Red Oak, it leads to a pink kitchen, eventually, as Red Oak ages in the red direction.  Nice.  A big pink kitchen.  LOL

So, with those two seismic Red Oak trends under our belts, what’s next for this mighty hardwood?  Well, a couple of interesting trends are developing.

Trend one:  with the transitional home theme so popular, homeowners are seeking unique, flat panel and slab door styles, with interesting Red Oak texture.

Trend two: with all the Mid Century Modern, Craftsmen and classic Bungalow style homes currently being remodeled, owners desire an authentic kitchen, complementing the home’s overall theme – Red Oak fits the bill.


Everything from Red Oak in a Natural finish with a simple Black or Brown Glaze, to a beautiful Pebble or Cobblestone grey color, to the deeper values of Penny and Thicket– this hardwood delivers color and texture for the next big thing. 

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