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Authorized Siteline designer Fred Alsen of FMA Interior Design, located in Chicago, Illinois, shares his very first remodeling project using Siteline Cabinetry.  “I was asked to remodel three different bathrooms in a Tudor-style house in a Southwest suburb of Chicago,” notes Fred.  He continues, “The home is approximately 30 years old, which was built for my client originally.

“The bathrooms needed remodeling, due to signs of water damage over the years.

“The home had already had a master suite addition, done about 20 years ago, which made it one of the higher priced homes in the development.”

Fred adds, “And, the neighborhood housing prices are still suffering from the housing crisis a few years ago.”

Fred’s client gave him full budget allotment to use as he saw fit, however, it’s always a challenge to stay within a tight budget.  “I chose Siteline because of the variety of styles and price points,” comments Fred.

Following are the three bathroom outcomes, featuring the inspirations, as well as before and after shots.


(Above) Siteline Cabinetry: Cantor door style, Quartered Walnut Reconstituted Veneer, Natural (clear) stain.


(Above) Siteline Cabinetry: Bayliss door style, Woodgrain Matte Thermofoil in French Press choice.


(Above) Siteline Cabinetry: Emerson door style, Textured Thermally Fused Laminate in Antler choice.

When asked about design priorities, Fred notes, “It was important to me to give my client three completely different bathrooms that still all blend with the rest of the home.   The bathrooms had to have a sense of calmness with natural colors and materials, but also have minimum maintenance.

“And of course, they had to meet my requirements for any new project I take on – the overall look and feel must ‘marry’ the architecture of the house and the client’s lifestyle  – no cookie-cutter design for fma Interior Design.”

Fred’s client was so pleased, he posted this review on Houzz:

“Fred is amazing! All I did was give him a handful of shells that had purposely caught my eye on the beach in Naples Florida. He in turn gave me three exquisite bathrooms, intuitively reflecting all the earth tones of those beautiful shells. The bathrooms are uniquely different yet share a common theme of harmony and functionality. Details of which I did not even comprehend were addressed with a keen eye to design and budget. His choices of colors and materials were not ‘me too’ instead reflecting individuality. Contractors he used were skilled, considerate, and professional. I am totally pleased and thankful.”

Photography courtesy of Mike Kaskel Photo,  Thanks, Mike!

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