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According to Proud Green Home, perhaps the recession taught us something. Or maybe people would rather scratch their fingernails on a chalkboard than move. Either way, an emerging housing trend is that more and more folks are opting to remodel their existing home than move to a new one. In other words, they’d rather “love it” than “list it”.

So, it begs the question – how to get something that’s truly “you,” without the apparent stress you see on HGTV?  We believe it starts with the partners you choose.

Today’s consumers are savvy and know that a full kitchen or bath remodel is a big project with lasting implications, and perhaps one that warrants outside expertise.  The National Kitchen & Bath Association, otherwise known as the NKBA says while decorating shows on TV are fun and inspirational, the real life process of creating a new kitchen takes longer and involves many more “behinds the scenes” steps than first meets the eye.  You’ll have a seemingly endless list of product decisions to make. They recommend an experienced NKBA professional to help you sort out what’s truly the best for your needs.

If you’ve ever done kitchen dishes in your bathtub during a remodel, you know what we’re talking about.  Remodeling is disruptive.  Choosing a knowledgeable cabinet dealer is a critical step in the remodeling process.  Your local cabinet dealer will become your design lead, your mentor, and perhaps even your counselor during the remodeling process.  The mix of products he/she recommends, along with the showroom’s knowledge of the local permitting process, and other, complementary trade resources to complete your project on-time and on-budget is central to a successful remodel.

At Siteline, we have specific, qualifications that our dealer partners must meet.  Their deep understanding of the remodeling process and all of its potential pitfalls is what separates our dealers from the rest.  We want to ensure that you have a vast selection of choices to genuinely personalize your space, and we want to ensure that you get your cabinets in four weeks, to compress the down-time you will inevitably experience during the remodeling process.

Sure, remodeling is a short-term pain, but with the right partner, your project can go smoothly while minimizing your stress during the mess, and get you enjoying your new space as quickly as possible. We understand that remodeling is about who you trust.   Don’t be among the one-third of all home remodel projects that will be postponed for as long as five years.  Find the right partner, and do it today!

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