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Opinions differ on how long a typical kitchen remodel will take, but hey, no kitchen is typical.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (aka NKBA), the size and scope of your project will determine the timeframe, which could be anywhere from four to six weeks for simple improvements, to six or eight months or more for a full-scale remodel.

So, are you looking for ways to save time and money on your upcoming remodel?  Who isn’t!  Check out these recommendations from the NKBA.  Good luck & we hope you see more and get more!

  1. Set priorities so you know where to allocate your dollars.
  2. Don’t move plumbing, mechanical systems or walls unless it will greatly improve the space.
  3. Avoid changing your mind once products are ordered and installation begins.
  4. Have a clear set of specifications before shopping.
  5. Be sure to compare exactly the same products, not just similar ones. The price for the same model of faucet, for example, will vary by finish. Granite prices vary by grade.
  6. Everyone shops online, but it’s important to visit showrooms and be sure what you see online is what you think it is. Of course, we recommend visiting an authorized Siteline dealer in your area.  Click here to request.

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